NanoBiotechnology for Life Sciences' research group is part of Pharmacy Faculty of Complutense University (Madrid). Complutense campus has a multidisciplinary environment with diverse scientific facilities, grouped at 'Centro de Asistencia a la Investigacion (CAI)'. Our lab can also grant the access to the scientific resources of the Fundación  Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC, Madrid).

Laboratory Equipment

  • Malvern Nano ZS-90 Zeta Potential and Size analyser
  • High speed and refrigerated centrifuge Orto Alresa Biocen 22R
  • NMR analyzer relaxometer Bruker minispec mq60
  • Spectophotometer  Jasco V-730 equipped with Nanodrop and Water Thermostatted Cell Holder with Stirrer
  • Rotatory evaporator Buchi R-215
  • Sonicator Branson 3510
  • Protein electrophoresis equipment Bio-Rad
  • Emulsifier Avestin Emulsiflex-B15
  • Avanti Mini Extruder for large, unilameller vesicles (LUVs) preparation
  • Cooled Incubator (Temperature range: 0ºC-70ºC) 56L Bunsen
  • LC-4000 Series HPLC with photometric diode array (PDA) detector (JASCO)
  • BIO X 3D bioprinter


  • Fully equipped Cell Culture Facility



Facilities at Centro de Asistencia a la Investigación (CAI), Complutense University of Madrid.


Facilities at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC), Madrid.