Molecular Diagnostics


In the last decade, the development of novel sensitive, specific and rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostics enabling cellular and molecular detection has undergone awesome explosion largely fuelled by technological advances, medical needs and cost-saving initiatives. The POC systems allow care providers to obtain test results quicker, enabling immediate clinical management decisions finally resulting in costly delays elimination and mainly in a better care. Furthermore, POC technologies can also positively impact on resource limited settings and low/middle income countries where access to healthcare is often limited. Attending at the continuous demand for the development of more advanced POC systems, we focus our research activity in developping novel nanomaterials-based diagnostic devices which architecture expects:

  • The use of tailor-made magnetic nanoparticles as proximity sensors and low-field magnetic resonance techniques for signal trasduction.
  • The use of Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFET) immunosensors.