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Lozano Chamizo, L., Luengo Morato, Y., Ovejero Paredes, K., Contreras Caceres, R., Filice, M.,* Marciello, M.* Ionotropic Gelation-Based Synthesis of Chitosan-Metal Hybrid Nanoparticles Showing Combined Antimicrobial and Tissue Regenerative Activities. Polymers. 2021; 13(22):3910.

Luengo Morato, Y., Ovejero Paredes, K., Lozano Chamizo, L., Marciello, M.,* Filice, M.* Recent Advances in Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Cancer Mediated by Hybrid Magnetic Nanoparticles. Polymers. 2021; 13(17):2989.


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Díaz-García, D., Montalbán-Hernández, K., Mena-Palomo, I., Achimas-Cadariu, P., Rodríguez-Diéguez, A., López-Collazo, E., Prashar, S., Ovejero Paredes, K., Filice, M., Fischer-Fodor, E., Gómez-Ruiz, S. Role of Folic Acid in the Therapeutic Action of Nanostructured Porous Silica Functionalized with Organotin(IV) Compounds Against Different Cancer Cell Lines. Pharmaceutics 202012(6), 512.

Yousefi, M., Marciello, M., Guisan, J.M., Fernandez-Lorente, G., Mohammadi, M., Filice, M.* Fine Modulation of the Catalytic Properties of Rhizomucor miehei Lipase Driven by Different Immobilization Strategies for the Selective Hydrolysis of Fish Oil. Molecules 2020, 25, 545.

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Ruiz, A., Alpízar, A., Beola, L., Rubio, C., Gavilán, H., Marciello, M., Rodríguez-Ramiro, I., Ciordia, S., Morris, C.J., Morales, M.D.P. Understanding the Influence of a Bifunctional Polyethylene Glycol Derivative in Protein Corona Formation around Iron Oxide NanoparticlesMaterials. 2019, 12(14), E2218.

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Carceller, J. M., Martínez Galán, J. P., Monti, R., Bassan, J. C., Filice, M., Iborra, S., Yu, J., Corma, A. Selective synthesis of citrus flavonoids prunin and naringenin using heterogeneized biocatalyst on graphene oxide. Green Chem. 201921, 839-849.


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Argemí, J.; Kress, T. R.; Chang, H. C. Y.; Ferrero, R.; Bértolo, C.; Moreno, H.; . . . Aragón, T. X-box binding protein 1 regulates unfolded protein, acute-phase, and DNA damage responses during Regeneration of mouse liver. Gastroenterology, 2017152(5), 1203-1216.


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